The 18th International Symposium on Electrets (ISE 18)
Virtual Conference, 24-28 September 2021, Shanghai, China
Special Session

Prof. Dr. Gerhard M. Sessler


Affiliation: Technical University of Darmstadt

Personal CV:

Gerhard Martin Sessler (born 15 February, 1931) studied physics at the universities of Freiburg and Munich and received his doctors degree 1959 from Goettingen University in Germany. Thereafter he joined the Acoustics Research Department of Bell Labs in Murray Hill, N.J. where he developed, together with James E. West, the electret condenser microphone (ECM) in 1962. This device was the leading microphone until the early years of the present century. In 1975, Sessler was appointed Professor for electro acoustics at the Institute for Electrical Communications at TU Darmstadt. There, beginning in the early 1980’s, he developed with his co-workers the silicon (MEMS-) microphone. This transducer followed the ECM as the leading communications microphone.- Sessler is now retired and works on the development of ferroelectrets, a new class of electroactive, cellular materials. These are being used in electroacoustic and electromechanical transducers and in energy harvesters.- Sessler is a member of the German Academy of Technical Sciences (acatech), the Heidelberg Academy of Science, and the National Inventors Hall of Fame (USA). In addition, he received the Technology Award of the Eduard Rhein Foundation, the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Electrical Engineering, the IEEE/RSE James Clerk Maxwell Medal, the Gold Medal of the Acoustical Society of America, and other awards.