The 18th International Symposium on Electrets (ISE 18)
Virtual Conference, 24-28 September 2021, Shanghai, China
Poster Exhibition
Unfortunately, ISE 18 cannot afford a face-to-face poster session. All posters are listed below and please click each link to read. You can contact the authors for personal discussion by email.

ANNA Guliakova, The peculiarities of electret effect in corona electrets based on nonpolar and polar polymers with dispersed montmorillonite
AMIR Komijani, Multi-pin Corona Poling Rotating System for ME Electret Sensors
ASYA Viraneva, An application of corona treated and chemically modified poly(D-lactic acid) films as Benzydamine hydrochloride carriers
CAO Yongqi, Piezoelectric-Electret-Electromagnetic Hybrid Vibration Energy Harvesting System
CHEN Qiusong, TCAD Simulation on the Impact of Source and Drain Contact Positions in Thin Film Ferroelectric Transistors
DARIA Ignatyeva, Refined model of electret state instability in biodegradable PLA films
GAO Yangyang, Origami-inspired Transformable High-durability Power Generator for Flapping-leaf Wind Energy Harvesting
HU Qianqian, Acousto-electric properties of FEP/PTFE composite piezoelectret membrane
KONG Jiaying, Space charge measuring system by Probe assembly on ground side with piezo-PWP method
LI Fangzhi, A High Voltage MEMS Needle Plasma Switch for Electret Energy Harvester Conditioning Circuit
LIN Shizhe, Perfluorinated Electret Nanofiber-Based Devices for Air Filtering and Health Monitoring
LIU Weilin, A Multi-Functional Flexible Ferroelectric Transistor Sensor for Electronic Skin
LYU Boming, The arbitrary graphical surface charge of FEP realized by tap water
MA Xingchen, Frequency-adjustable electrostatic energy harvesters biased with a high elastic electret film
MANSUR Galikhanov, Improvement of electret properties of polylactide by loading mineral fillers
RUAN Zehai, Transparent polypropylene ferroelectret films
SONG Chao, Multi-frequency sound energy harvesting using Helmholtz resonators with irradiated cross-linked polypropylene ferroelectret films
XIANG Xinhao, Ferroelectret Coaxial Sensor (FCS) with Radial Polarization
YANG Jiang, Piezoelectric enhancement of an electrospun AIN-doped P(VDF-TrFE) nanofiber membrane
YU Chaohu, Preliminary Experimental Research on Electrical Resistivity of Polyimide Film under High Pressure
ZHANG Fei, Influence of Soft X-ray Radiation on Piezoelectric Property of Piezoelectret Films
ZHANG Jian, Electret-based raindrops energy harvester
ZHAO Zhe, An Intelligent electret thrust ball bearing with self-powering and self-sensing capabilities